Fri Apr 27
  • Swedish American Hall
  • 7:30pm
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Christophe Maé


After a more than two years wait following his last album "Je Veux du Bonheur", Christophe Maé finally comes back with a new release.

Born out of the meeting with Paul Ecole - author who collaborated with Oxmo Puccino and Calogero - with whom Christophe Maé co-wrote almost all titles, "L'attrape-Rêves" is an intense and introspective album whose story began with the lyrics writing process.

Christophe Maé tackled personal themes with those simplicity and sincerity which characterize him. From the quest for happiness (Il est où le Bonheur) to paternity (Marcel), from absolute love (Ballerina) to passing time (40 years tomorrow), the finely carved texts of this album present Christophe Maé as he is today. His humanism and his commitment are also woven with Lampedusa, that contrasts with the humor and the lightness of La Parisienne or Les Amis.

It is also in his intimacy that came the idea of the album's title, blown by his seven years old son: these lucky- holder supported Christophe Maé throughout its creative process, also inspiring the opening title of the album L’attrape-Rêves, written by Boris Bergman.

Musically Christophe Maé got a new breath while remaining true to his roots. This is all the music he likes in a more pop energy. The strength of electric guitars mingles with early 1990s urban influences, creating a showcase where Christophe Mae reinvent himself while remaining true to his artistic soul, and where each song is a story that resonates in all of us.

"This album is an entity, a curve, a turn. As soon as we saw a highway appear, something too obvious (melodically, lyrically, or even at sound recording) we would turn around to take a new path even if it was less smooth, dirtier. We did not drive a sedan to prepare this album. We were riding a muddy SUV on unknown roads." Paul Ecole

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