Sun Nov 18
  • Cafe du Nord
  • 5:30pm
  • 21+
Everything Ecstatic Presents

Classic Simpsons Trivia at Cafe Du Nord: Space Coyote Edition!


Everything Ecstatic Presents Classic Simpsons Trivia at Cafe Du Nord for the first time in over six months!! Come out on Sunday Nov. 18th (6-9pm) for four rounds of trivia (from seasons 1-10 only), a Simpsons-themed food and drinks menu, our best prizes and giveaways yet, episodes in between rounds and a whole buncha crazy crap on the walls!

And this time, there's a'll have an opportunity to "find your soulmate Homer" at the first ever Space Coyote Edition of Classic Simpsons Trivia! Chef August Schuchman of West of Pecos will be putting together a menu themed around Homer Simpson's epic Guatemalan Insanity pepper-induced peyote trip episode, 'El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)'. Think food like Professor Frink's Virtual Chili (it's real), Green Chile Mac & Cheese and more (full menu with vegetarian options coming soon!) Cafe Du Nord's bar will be whipping up themed drinks and the whole night is gonna be....a trip.

We'll have prizes from Space Coyote brand cannabis warez, lots of Simpsons swag, concert tickets and more to give away for trivia winners along with the best Simpsons shirts, costumes, tattoos, etc... The evening is once again, hosted by local oafs, Adrian Spinelli (Noise Pop Podcast Host) and Zack Ruskin (SF Weekly's cannabis columnist) who kindly invite you to BYOBB (both B's are typos in this case cause Cafe Du Nord will have everything to make this a Simpsons-themed evening you won't forget.)

Tickets are just $5 (the same price as Bart Simpson's Soul) and we have discounted ticket packs for teams of 4 or 6!

So get yer tickets, put on your Chili boots, grab your wooden spoons (carved from a bigger spoon) and head over to the chili Du Nord on Market St, Sunday night November 18th from 6pm to 9pm (doors at 5ish) for a night of trivia, food, drinks and tomfoolery...Simpsons style!