Sat Mar 30
  • 6:00pm
(((folkYEAH!))) & Golden Gate Present

One Dylan Song


One Dylan Song is another unique performance from Golden Gate Presents. The concept is self explanatory. Each Artist chooses one song by Bob Dylan to perform. Most will be solo, some may be accompanied. All will be special. Every Artist has their own unique relationship with Dylan. Drawing out just one song, to examine, and perform is a soul searching task. At different times in our lives any number of his songs have resonated with each of us. At any time in the future, these Artists may have chosen a different song. Tonight is but a snapshot into this moment in time. Each show has a run time of approximately 80 minutes. Each show will feature different Dylan songs. 


  • Scott Metzger 
  • Mark Kozelek
  • Chuck Prophet
  • Eric D Johnson
  • William Tyler 
  • Andy Cabic 
  • Lola Kirke
  • Elvis Perkins
  • Cedric Burnside
  • Vera Sola
  • Graham Norwood
  • Wyndham Boylan-Garnett
  • Chris Deyo Braun
  • Anna St Louis