Wed Aug 22
  • Cafe du Nord
  • 7:30pm
  • 21+
Noise Pop Presents

Pure Bathing Culture

Pure Bathing Culture, Kacey Johansing


Pure Bathing Culture, the musical identity of Portland’s Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman, make music instantly identifiable, yet utterly personal - and now they’re ready to bring new work and ecstatic live performances to their loyal audience. As Sarah and Daniel describe their new work, it’s about “... love and perseverance, the feeling that if we protect each other and if we protect what we love, there is nothing we can't endure or become.”

The Pure Bathing Culture story begins when Sarah and Daniel befriended one another on the first day of freshman orientation at New Jersey’s William Patterson University. In 2009, they became bandmates when they both joined Vetiver for their Sub-Pop albums Tight Knit and The Errant Charm. It was while playing in Vetiver that Pure Bathing Culture emerged as its own entity. “Dan was working on some instrumentals that he would make on a looping pedal,” Sarah said. “One night, he was out and I just listened to this loop and wrote some lyrics to it. He came home and I showed it to him. We laughed at first, as we didn’t have some grand plan to start a band. It just happened naturally.” That song “Lucky One,” wound up in the hands of Richard Swift, who encouraged the duo to keep writing. “Richard pushed us along and became an inspiration,” Dan said. Swift wound up producing the band’s first EP and dreamy full-length, 2013’s Moon Tides at his National Freedom studio.

Since then the band has released two records on Partisan Records and toured nationally with such acts as Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, Father John Misty, and many more. In 2017, Pure Bathing Culture took on the welcome task of re-recording the classic album Hats by The Blue Nile. Recorded in their home studio, Versprille and Hindman honored an album that has inspired their own music. “Our whole experience so far making music together as Pure Bathing Culture feels like a product of something inside of ourselves that we needed to let out into the world but also something completely beyond us as well,” says Sarah. “The feeling continues for us with The Blue Nile’s Hats.” Hats is available now on vinyl LP via Turntable Kitchen (

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