Fri Jan 18
  • 10:00pm
  • 21+
Sketchfest 2019

Resistance is Fertile with Nicole Calasich, Pallavi Gunalan, Brooke Heinichen, Geneva Rust-Orta, Wanjiko Eke, Stef Dag and Devon Walker


Show at 10:30PM

R.I.F. Comedy AKA Resistance is Fertile is a show of queers, queens, and 1 token peen. We feature a majority female lineup of comedy's rising starsto discuss the joys of being a woman or GNC in a batshit world, the eternal struggle to harness one’s inner diva, and the art of resisting everything but our favorite vices. Bonus track: We will lovingly humiliate our 1 male comic on the lineup for the sins of all men -- ever -- and invert the typical comedy lineup where only one woman is booked on a predominantly male lineup. Comedians on this selective showcase have been featured on Conan, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, NBC, Viceland, MTV and more.