Tue Feb 27
  • 5:00pm
  • 21+

Simpson's Trivia



Classic Simpsons Trivia is coming back to Cafe Du Nord! Come join us at the officially safest space to crack Simpsons jokes that nobody else but the rest of us understands, where everyone is S-M-R-T! We're here for ya! Come out on Tuesday, Feb 27th for another four rounds of Simpsons trivia from seasons 1-11 only!

Evening hosted by the Noise Pop Podcast's Adrian Spinelli and "local oaf" Zack Ruskin. Our last event was such a smash, that we had to come and top it. So for this edition, Cafe Du Nord will be transformed into Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag for the evening with a Simpsons themed food menu and themed-drinks too:

- SPAGHETTI AND MOEBALLS (also available sans Moeballs) - "Ow, my freakin ears!"

- KRUSTY BURGERS - "According to this map, there's a Krusty Burger on an off-shore oil rig!"

- FLEET-A-PITAS - "Here...try a Ben Franklin!"

- FLANDERS' 5-ALARM CHILIN - "It's only 2-alarm...2 and a half tops."

- TOMACCO CAPRESE - "Tomaaaaaaco!"

- And a special dessert, soon to be announced...

Special Simpsons-themed drinks to be announced very soon, so stay tuned! We'll have prizes for winners and Simpsons swag to give away for the best Simpsons shirts, tats, costumes, etc... So If you like good food, good fun, and a whole lot of…crazy crap on the walls, then come on down to Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag...errrrr...Cafe Du Nord, for a most cromulent evening.

  • 2174 Market St
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 94114